Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Letter to the Editor of 'Blueskin News' by RT Sheppard

Your latest newsletter is a disappointing display of journalism in my
opinion. You have to check out your facts better and stop informants
hoodwinking you over what is fact and what is not and using your
publication to steal others' thunder.

On the cricket report:
1. Frank O'Neill should not be described as arrogant. That is bad taste.
2. Blandings Castle does not exist. This misleads people into thinking
that my place is Blandings Castle which it isn't. My place is Egmont
Castle and is legally owned by Egmont Enterprises, although it is
observable from Bland Park.

Also the article on Silverpeaks tramping says Green Hut doesn't exist:
not true – it was relocated by the late Ainsley Milne and myself 12
years ago 100m from its original position and is used by many hunters
as a shelter in a storm. The track people were informed of this. I
include a mapo of where it is.

by RT Sheppard
Egmont Enterprises

(Mr Sheppard's map will be published in due course)

Reply on behalf of the 'Blueskin News' editors:

I agree that the remark about the cricket player was in bad taste. I
didn't write it but I was responsible for publishing it 'uncut' and I
apologise for this breach of our editorial standards.

Peter Dowden

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