Monday, 23 April 2007

Just not cricket: Waitati Cricket Council censures Blueskin News sports writer

Following a complaint by a reader that Digby Hodgson had brought
disrepute on the hallowed name of Blueskin Cricket by "offending the
sensibilities of a gentleman and fellow captain" in the Blueskin
Competition, a written apology was unanimously demanded by the WCC.
The apology is as follows:
"Comments written by Digby Hodgson in April 2007 Blueskin News of
Frank O'Neill's captainship were of a satirical nature. Any offence
taken by Frank O'Neil, his fine family and many friends was unintended
and seriously regretted. Furthermore the publishers of Blueskin News
were sure that my article was a satire and not able to offend. I
apologise to Blueskin News for any fallout suffered as a result of
last month's match reports."

by Digby Hodgson

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