Monday, 23 April 2007

Castle wins in upset Blueskin Bay cricket final

Blueskin Bay Club Cricket Final: Athletic v Castle CC

Athletic were favourites but on the day many of their guns were not
available. Captain Johnny Appleby enlisted Frank O'Neill, Alex and
Peter Appleby from Wicken cl;ub to make up the minimum eight required
for Village Cricket.
Castle were at full strength, won the toss and batted first. Terry
Sheppard stayed the distance like the well marinated opener he is.
Four glorious overs of block and tap before being run out by Athletic
speed and agility. Well done Terry for taking the steam out of the
bowling and running hard to keep Rakeesh at strike for a partnershiup
of 20.

Rakeesh and the perennial Brent Bell were on song at the crease. Their
100 partnership was a historic whack of biblical proportions: Rakeesh
53, Brent 55. Digby Hodgson followed with 15 not out and James
jackson, one of Dunedin City's imports for castle compiled 3 not out.
The overs ran out with Castle at 130 for 3 (2 ret).

For Athletic Zach Oxley's bowling was spot-on, conceding only 6 from
three overs. The next best was Alex letting 11 from three overs.

Athletic all batted well, Zach Oxley the most dynamic on 19 runs, Alex
the surest 19 runs not out, Aaron Bell the most courageous. The Castle
fielding was excellent with two runouts and three catches (Brent,
Rakeesh and Patrick Oxley, on loan from Athletic).

For Castle wickets came via James Jackson 2 for 12, Hank Haining 1 for
12, Digby Hodgson 1 for 14, Stuart Griffiths 1 for 15. Patrick was top
notch, conceding only 7 from three overs with precise threatening

With such unforgiving fielding and bowling Athletic were out for 81
after 21 overs. To quote a surprised spectator in earshot: "Cor
blimey, Castle has just scragged Athletic." Scragged maybe, upset win
definately. Well deserved and well done Castle Cricket Club, 2007
winners of the Pat Bond Trophy.

by Digby Hodgson

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