Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Blueskin News Opinion feature: 'Rates would double'

Following the recent Draft Annual Plan meeting in Waitati, we have
created an excel worksheet with 2 graphs, one titled: "DCC Chart" and
the other one "real increase".

The DCC Chart was presented to us at the meeting and shows the
expected rates increase over the next 10 years with all the Think Big
Projects the Council has put in the Draft Annual Plan.
But the chart fails to show that each increase is on top of the
previous one and therefore looks quite benign. We have taken the
liberty of making our own chart ("real increase") that actually shows
the figures accumulate over the years and have extented the graph (on
the average increase) to show when the rates we pay now would
effectively double.

by Leonie Rousselot and Peter Smith

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