Thursday, 26 April 2007

Orokonui Ecosanctuary news

The completion of the pest proof fence is on target for May.

This month there will be two meetings concerning the ecosanctuary. The
first is on Wednesday 2 May, 7.30pm at the Waitati Hall. Graeme
Bennett will be talking about a proposal that has recently been put
together by a group of locals to lobby the ecosanctuary Trust to
relocate the site of the main entrance and visitor centre to the
valley floor at Orokonui. If this were to happen then the visitor
traffic would pass along Harvey St and Orokonui Rd.

Work is continuing on the Trust land and recently a group of 30 young
volunteers from the Dunedin City Baptist church spent an afternoon
piling rocks for future lizard habitat. Possible residents for the
area are the Common Gecko and skinks like the Common, the Green and
McCanns, all of which have become easy prey for our beloved pussy

Elton has written up a plan for the pest eradication which has been
sent off to Otago DOC Technical Support staff for peer review. This
plan will be presented at the local meeting on 16 May. Another item on
the agenda will be the role of the newly constituted business board
for the ecosanctuary.

For further information on the ecosanctuary see our box at the
Blueskin Bay Library, visit or come along to our
local meeting on 16 May, 7.30pm at the Waitati Hall.

by Sue Hensley

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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Blueskin News Opinion feature: 'Rates would double'

Following the recent Draft Annual Plan meeting in Waitati, we have
created an excel worksheet with 2 graphs, one titled: "DCC Chart" and
the other one "real increase".

The DCC Chart was presented to us at the meeting and shows the
expected rates increase over the next 10 years with all the Think Big
Projects the Council has put in the Draft Annual Plan.
But the chart fails to show that each increase is on top of the
previous one and therefore looks quite benign. We have taken the
liberty of making our own chart ("real increase") that actually shows
the figures accumulate over the years and have extented the graph (on
the average increase) to show when the rates we pay now would
effectively double.

by Leonie Rousselot and Peter Smith

Monday, 23 April 2007

Just not cricket: Waitati Cricket Council censures Blueskin News sports writer

Following a complaint by a reader that Digby Hodgson had brought
disrepute on the hallowed name of Blueskin Cricket by "offending the
sensibilities of a gentleman and fellow captain" in the Blueskin
Competition, a written apology was unanimously demanded by the WCC.
The apology is as follows:
"Comments written by Digby Hodgson in April 2007 Blueskin News of
Frank O'Neill's captainship were of a satirical nature. Any offence
taken by Frank O'Neil, his fine family and many friends was unintended
and seriously regretted. Furthermore the publishers of Blueskin News
were sure that my article was a satire and not able to offend. I
apologise to Blueskin News for any fallout suffered as a result of
last month's match reports."

by Digby Hodgson

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Blueskin bay Touch 5s tornament

Warrington, Harlequins TFC, Athletic and two Dunedin City teams are
confirmed for the first Touch 5s tounament ever. An offer has been
made to waitati Junior Rugby to put in a team as their talent and
speed will compensate for lack of experience. Blueskin bay Touch 5s
would like to see at least eight teams so if you are three or more
people (male or female, young or old), enter a team. Teams may loan up
to two players from other teams. To enter phone Digby 482 2120.

by Digby Hodgson

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Blueskin Tennis open 2007

This is a flexible tournament. Games will be arranged to suit players
for initial rounds. Finals will be showcased and decided when
finalists qualify. Female, male and double titles will be contested.
Please ring Digby on 482 2120 to enter.

Tennis club meets Sunday afternoons at Waitati School court until
June. It is important that this fixture is patronised as applications
for funds to build two tennis courts at Bland Park are underway.

by Digby Hodgson

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Blueskin Tennis Open 2007

This is a flexible tournament. Games will be arrranged to suit players
for initial rounds. Finals will be showcased and decided when,asdhjfol
qwejf owieuto ihao87asd ip12e

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Blueskin Bay Cricket Prizegiving nominees announced

Venue and date to be announced. Black tie.

Categories and nominations for 2007 are:

Player of the Year: Nick Prosser (Wicken); Terry Sheppard and Brent
Bell (Castle); Baden, Patrick and Zach Oxley (Athletic).

Captain of the Year: Frank O'Neill (Wicken), Johnny Appleby (Athletic).

Most improved player: Terry Sheppard and Hank Haining (Castle), Peter
Appleby and Mike Oxley (Wicken), Johhny Appleby (Athletic).

Best-dressed player: Chris Robinson and Hank Haining (Castle), Frank
O'Neill and Peter Appleby (Wicken), Fang (dog).

Most ethical player: Terry Sheppard

compiled by Digby Hodgson

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Castle wins in upset Blueskin Bay cricket final

Blueskin Bay Club Cricket Final: Athletic v Castle CC

Athletic were favourites but on the day many of their guns were not
available. Captain Johnny Appleby enlisted Frank O'Neill, Alex and
Peter Appleby from Wicken cl;ub to make up the minimum eight required
for Village Cricket.
Castle were at full strength, won the toss and batted first. Terry
Sheppard stayed the distance like the well marinated opener he is.
Four glorious overs of block and tap before being run out by Athletic
speed and agility. Well done Terry for taking the steam out of the
bowling and running hard to keep Rakeesh at strike for a partnershiup
of 20.

Rakeesh and the perennial Brent Bell were on song at the crease. Their
100 partnership was a historic whack of biblical proportions: Rakeesh
53, Brent 55. Digby Hodgson followed with 15 not out and James
jackson, one of Dunedin City's imports for castle compiled 3 not out.
The overs ran out with Castle at 130 for 3 (2 ret).

For Athletic Zach Oxley's bowling was spot-on, conceding only 6 from
three overs. The next best was Alex letting 11 from three overs.

Athletic all batted well, Zach Oxley the most dynamic on 19 runs, Alex
the surest 19 runs not out, Aaron Bell the most courageous. The Castle
fielding was excellent with two runouts and three catches (Brent,
Rakeesh and Patrick Oxley, on loan from Athletic).

For Castle wickets came via James Jackson 2 for 12, Hank Haining 1 for
12, Digby Hodgson 1 for 14, Stuart Griffiths 1 for 15. Patrick was top
notch, conceding only 7 from three overs with precise threatening

With such unforgiving fielding and bowling Athletic were out for 81
after 21 overs. To quote a surprised spectator in earshot: "Cor
blimey, Castle has just scragged Athletic." Scragged maybe, upset win
definately. Well deserved and well done Castle Cricket Club, 2007
winners of the Pat Bond Trophy.

by Digby Hodgson

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Warrington School names trustees

Warrington School has elected a new Board of Trustees. Principal
Nathan Parker will be joined by elected Board members Mark Familton,
Tim Locker, Eric Neuman, Rebecca
Pearson, Joanna Ward and staff representative Wendy Russell.

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News from Blueskin Playcentre

Kia ora Tatou, greetings to everyone

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Playcentre is
gearing up for a busy Term Two. Our annual Jumble Sale and Winter
Lantern Walk are just around the corner. There will also be outings
with the children to a town fire station and a museum.

The children enjoyed participating in the local A&P Show. Their
'creatures of the bay' artwork was much admired. Thank you to all that
bought our waffles. We are happy that so many people enjoyed them and
helped support our playcentre. We look forward to next year's A&P

Our Jumble Sale will be held on Sunday, June 10th. There are always
treasures to be found at this event. There will be clothes,
bric-a-brac, furniture, a café and BBQ. We look forward to seeing you

We wish Oliver a big HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!

Playcentre is a wonderful place to gain new friends and retouch with
old ones. Parents are supported with their child's learning and can
develop their involvement through Playcentre training. Feel free to
stop by for a cup of tea and see what we are all about. We're open on
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings, 9:30 – 12:00. We cater for
children aged from 0-6 years of age, their parents and caregivers.
Come and get to know other parents with young children in the
community. For information you can give our co-presidents a call:
Mandy, 482 2752 or Tracey, 482 1406. Our Centre ph 027 427 1727,
during session times.

by Frances Beumer

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Firewood raffle raises a grand for a grand cause

The Blueskin Bay Firewood Raffle run by a couple of local clubs was
drawn on Friday 20 April. Results are: 1st prize Lois McKee,
Warrington; 2nd prize Julie Dick, Sawyers Bay; 3rd prize Nicky Philip,

Special thanks to Ken McHoull, Tim Clements, Hamish Park and Dave
Hardisty for the donations of wood. The final total was $1071.00 which
was great. Thankyou to all who purchased tickets for this worthwhile
local cause.

by Lyn Hastie

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Warrington Surf Life Saving Club Report

Our season has concluded but clubbies never really stop - we just do
different things during Winter. Children are still taking part in
weekly swimming lessons at the Hawksbury Pool. Some are still out
there surfing and enjoying the water on our lovely autumn days. We
have several members taking part in the Become a Lifeguard programme.
There is also Patrol Support work which you or someone you know may be
interested in. We need more lifeguards to help patrol our lovely
beach. A few afternoons from 12-5 during the sumer months is all it
takes so please give some thought to coming along and joining us. We
have great facilities, good gear and need you. Contact our President
Kaye Burns for more info: 482 2494 or 027 482 2494.

We are also on the lookout for people to help with coaching. Do you
have a sporting background or maybe you would just like to be part of
the club and help out. You may be an ex-clubbie who misses all the
friendships and want to give something back to the wonderful group of
young people who belong to the club. Once again please contact Kaye
for more info.

Our young clubbies gained some excellent results in competition this
season. Special mention to the following young ones who travelled to
Christchurch to take part in the Southern Regional (Wellington
included) Championships: Elise and Jordan Dickson, Kathryn and Tom
Burns, Rebecca and Sarah Henderson. Among them they gained 11 medals
for different events. They gave their very best till they dropped.
Well done to all of you we are very proud to have you in our club and
wish you all the best for next season.

Our club will be represented at the local Anzac Service where we will
carry the flag and lay a wreath. Thankyou to the Garden Club Ladies
who always make the club wreath for us to lay.

The Surf Club's Garage Sale at the A&P Clearing Sale was a beautiful
day and we enjoyed being part of the "Show". A huge thankyou to
everyone from Blueskin Bay and further who donated goods for us to
sell. Thanks also to everyone who supported our three tents full of
all sorts of bits and pieces. The day brought in just over $1000.00
for us to add to our building fund. We still have the following items
for sale: dishwasher, large mirror,golf trundler and clubs, books,
records, soup bowls, 2 deck chairs, 2 air beds, portacot, sheets,
duvets, single bed ends and mattress, rice cooker, 2 suitcases, ski
pants size 10ish, tyre chains. Please contact Lyn 4822896 if you wish
to purchase any of the above.

Lastly thankyou to all our volunteer lifeguards, without you giving
your time freely we would not be here and part of this wonderful "In
It For Life" organisation. Thankyou to all the folk from the Blueskin
Bay area who support us in so many ways.

by Lyn Hastie

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Opinion feature: Democracy in Action

We've heard a lot about that word "consultation" in this area and many
of us have become very cynical about the meaning of this word. The
Dunedin City Council has just been consulting its citizens about its
annual plan and of course the proposed stadium. Advertising of the
annual plan meetings was very poor and so not many people found out
there was a meeting in Waitati on Wednesday 11 April (just after
Easter). Property owners will have received a survey to ask them their
views on the proposed stadium, unfortunately people who rent their
home appear to be considered second class citizens and their opinions
on this matter have not been sort. Everyone is welcome to make a
submission to the Council in relation to the annual plan, these were
due in by 2 May. I am hoping a lot of people have taken the time to do

The Council is proposing a huge spending spree in the next few years,
this includes some major infrastructure items, which they have already
started (Tahuna sewage disposal pipe) or in the case of the Northern
Water Scheme, are about to start. There is also a very long list of
what I would call optional extras. Most of these are really big budget
items: renovations and a major addition to the Town Hall, completion
of the Chinese Garden, improved visitor and storage facilities for the
Settlers Museum, redevelopment of an area of the harbour foreshore, a
new library for South Dunedin and better access and facilities for the
central library, and the most expensive item, the new Stadium.
Regardless of the merits of these individual projects and I'm sure
some of them will be wonderful assets for our city I personally have
an enormous concern that we just can't afford to fund all of them in
the next few years. It is highly likely that there will be unforeseen
cost over-runs and budget blowouts and that the council will struggle
to cope with increasing levels of debt.

We cannot be sure of the economic future of New Zealand and more
particularly Dunedin. If in the near future the Dunedin City Council
has a lower than predicted rates intake and its various investments
are producing declining dividends the council will have to increase
rates and charges to cover its debt repayment. This may include
charging for some services, which were previously free such as
admission to the Art Gallery, the Museum and the Botanic Garden or
even charging for Library books. Cost cutting could lead to the
closure of community libraries and swimming pools. There may be less
funding available to spend on road repairs, parks and reserves and
public facilities. There is a proposal to introduce user pays for
water, by metering each household, this may result in many families
facing a large monthly water bill. There is also a plan for a new
regional landfill, the cost of building this is likely to lead to
extremely high costs for waste disposal. The predicted rates rises
associated with the stadium and the other council projects are going
to place financial stress on many families. I think many citizens will
be angry about the long-term financial outcome for Dunedin. Most of
the Councillors have been persuaded by the alleged benefits to the
city of the stadium but few of them have an understanding of the
long-term ramifications of the resulting level of debt. A more
considered and cautious approach to the viability and timing of these
costly major projects would have been wise.

by Geraldine Tait

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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Blueskin Garden Club news

Thank you for the entries into the A&P Show's produce competition
which was rather down in some areas this year. However, the plant
stall did well along with the raffles.

Our April meeting was held at the Surf Club lounge where Selma Simmons
had us making fish from homemade felt. It was a very successful
evening, thanks to Selma for this wonderful craft experience.

The flower competition was won by Lyne Carlyle.

The Garden Club AGM will take place on 10 May, 6.30 at the Blueskin
Cafe. A meal has been organised and the AGM will follow on. All
members will be contacted in regards to this. Please ring Lyne Hastie
ph: 482 2896 or Rowena Park for further details.

by Rowena Park

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After several months of behind-the-scenes preparation, Warrington Surf
Life Saving Club is launching a fundraising drive to improve and
expand their club buildings. "Most people of Blueskin Bay will have
visited Warrington Surf Life Saving Club's meeting room," explained
fundraising coordinator Pru Casey. "Our warm sunny room is used for
Beach Education, first aid training, gatherings and community groups
but unfortunately our ablutions and a kitchen are not a part of this
building and somewhat rudimentary,so we are planning building

• full description of the Club's activities and plans follows

Warrington Surf Life Saving Club – "in it for life"

50 families make up the local surf club. We are a social bunch, who
enjoy family beach activities and lots of time spent in water and
beach-based sports – but our prime function is to recruit and train
life guards.

Most kiwis know about lifeguards and are educated to "swim between the
flags". Most family beach goers wisely choose their beach experience
to involve a beach that has the protection of a patrol that will
ensure safety in the water for family members. Life guards are on duty
seven days per week during the summer school holidays and in weekends.

All of Warrington's life guards are volunteers. We provide voluntary
life guards for weekends and holidays and Dunedin City Council pays
for weeekday patrols during the height of summer.

Life Guards are talented young people who have undergone extensive
training programmes to include:

• Surf swimming skills
• Long distance pool swimming skills,
• CPR certification
• First Aid qualifications
• Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) driving and rescue skills
• Rescue board training to reach swimmers in difficulties
• Tube rescue skills for patient retrieval in surf conditions
• Fitness training

To maintain these skills Life Guards are required to develop and
maintain a high level of personal skill and fitness throughout the

"In it for Life" is the Surf Life Saving motto, and this certainly is
the case for our Warrington members. Club membership starts early,
with children as young as 4 and 5 years old taking part. Beach
education is an excellent medium to attract youngsters keen to try out
surf life saving as a sport and families soon find themselves fully
involved …with something for everyone!

The teenagers of Blueskin Bay grow up at the surf club together,
finding common ground and forming life long bonds with lots to do in
weekends and holidays together. Summer days are spent at that beach
and the club house is a great place to hang out, learn new skills,
build up fitness and surfing skills and make new friends.

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in surf life saving
with adult courses, first aid lessons, swim lessons and opportunities
in official supervision of competitions, boat skills, guarding and
coaching qualifications. In it for life.

Club Facilities

Warrington Surf Life Saving Club has developed an impressive
collection of useful assets for training and rescue work

• Meeting room below which is storage for boats and gear and a shop facility
• An 'A frame' building with patrol room and kitchenette upstairs and
ablutions and changing rooms below
• A garage to house and repair boards and canoes
• Lots of different boards for kids to 'grow' into and use
• A sturdy portable barbeque for fund raising and social activities

Most people of Blueskin Bay will have visited our club rooms. The
buildings hold their origins in the disbanding of the Moana Rua
Women's Surf Life Saving Club, situated between St Clair and St Kilda
beaches 28 years ago. The loss of sand at Moana Rua saw a move of this
club group and construction of an A-frame building at the current
Warrington Beach site and a change of name of the club to Warrington
Surf Life Saving Club. A change of constitution opened the club to all
for membership.

Our current meeting room is a warm sunny room used for Beach
Education, first aid training, gatherings and also by community groups
looking for a pleasant venue. Unfortunately ablutions and a kitchen
are not a part of this building and we have some what rudimentary
offerings in this department.

Planned improvements

Warrington Surf Club plans to raise funds to build an extension to the
seaward (Eastern) end of the current meeting room building to house
ablutions facilities downstairs and kitchen facilities upstairs. These
plans are given below.

Fig. 9 Current A –frame building shown with meeting room and extension

Fig . 10 A-frame building, Skyline garage and meeting building
extension, shown with kitchen, ablutions and new extended deck.

We need to raise a total of $140,000.

A big THANK YOU to all those who have supported us in fund raising
thus far! We have had the support of the following businesses and

• Roger Belton and Southern Clams
• Golden Fleece Hotel Waikouaiti
• Waitati Stores
• Friends of Warrington School
• Warrington School Board of Trustees
• Blueskin Nurseries
• Oceana Gold
• Allied Press
• J and L Callis Trust
• Waikouaiti Coast Community Board
• And probably YOU at our garage sales, quiz nights, and sausage sizzles.

We still have a lot of money yet to raise and are poised to apply for
funds from the Community Trust of Otago and the Lotteries Commission.

Are we a valued service in the Blueskin Bay community? If so we stand
a good chance of reaching our fund raising target. We can show our
value through your support.

Letters of support, donations of money, goods or services, no matter
how large or small, also demonstrate our worth to the community. If
you are interested in supporting our venture you can contact our
Fundraising Coordinator Pru Casey at or 4822788.
Interested in joining our club? Contact or phone Kay
Burns on 03 4822494 (Club President)
Our full business plan is also available at the Blueskin Bay Library.

by Pru Casey

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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Blueskin Bay Library News for May 2007

Kia ora everyone.

The library at Warrington

Our trialling of taking the library outside of its walls and going to
visit the borrowers is getting a great response. If Warrington
residents can let us know in advance what specific items they'd like
us to bring out for them, our service can improve even more. In May
the 'Book Car' will be at Warrington School on Tuesday 22nd, 3.15 –
4.30 pm, at Warrington Memorial Hall on Wednesday May 2 and 16 2pm –
3.30pm, and again at the hall on Thursdays May 10 and 24, 6pm – 7pm.

Members of the public are able to issue and return books, place holds,
search the library catalogue and register as new members. Please
support this trial. We need to be able to demonstrate that there is a
need and an appreciation of this extra service. Feedback and
suggestions welcome.

Music Month

This month Dunedin Public Libraries celebrate New Zealand Music Month.
There is an extensive programme of free musical events and a draw for
an MP3 player - tell us your favourite NZ musician or group and go
into the draw. For the free events, see us at the library for a
brochure telling what, when, where.

Music at Blueskin Bay Library

Our own special guest is Richard Mackay. He will play his violin for
us on Thursday 17th of May at 5pm.

Book clubs

The Warrington Children's Book Club is buzzing with news of more cool
books. Come along and tell us about the books you've been reading and
learn about what everyone else is recommending. We meet with Helen at
Warrington School on the fourth Tuesday of each month, which this
month is May 22, 3.15 – 4.30pm. Refreshments provided. The 'Book
Car' will be there, so if you're not yet a library member, this is
your chance to join, and if you are a member, there will be books and
DVDs for you to borrow.

The Waitati Children's Book Club has been so small this year that
Carolyn has suggested that it go into recess for this term. It seems
that people are so busy doing other things. But if you'd like it to
start up again, please, please let us know. We are keen for it to be

Adults interested in participating in a Book Club facilitated by the
Blueskin Bay Library are asked to pass on name and telephone details
for Helen at the library.


We have had requests for the return of Heinke and her storytelling.
So Heinke has kindly agreed to come back. Watch out for details of
these storytelling sessions.

Book Sales

'Blueskin Days: a history of Waitati, Evansdale, Warrington and
surrounding districts' by Ian Church with Stuart and Jean Strachan is
selling well. We still have some copies, selling for $40 a copy. Be
sure that you don't miss out.

New library

Many of you have seen the plans and model of the proposed Blueskin Bay
Library extension. Everyone so far has been excited and impressed. We
need your input, so that suggestions can be made while plans are still
being developed. At the A&P show Mike and Carolyn made a start
gathering people's ideas. They are varied, thoughtful and creative. We
have collated them and made a display so that everyone can read them,
and be stimulated to add their own thoughts. Please come and have a

Keep warm as the weather gets colder, and always put aside time to
snuggle down with a good book!

Love from Louise, Carolyn, Helen, Mike and Meaghan

by Carolyn McCurdie

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Community Board rubbishes DCC plan to trash Clean-up Days

The Waikouaiti Coast Community Board has come out defending
"Community Clean-up Days" for the rural townships north of Dunedin.
City Council staff have suggested that the provision of rubbish skips
on a few weekends each year should be discontinued. "This has not
found political favour," says Chairperson Gerard Collings. "The Board
is adamant that this service is required for our community and must be

At its April meeting the Board resolved:
• to support the continuation of the Community Clean-Up Days
• to support an interim measure where green waste is separated out
from solid waste and other sorting opportunities are explored
• to have DCC staff review financial, social, cultural and
environmental implications reviewed

by the editors
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Waikouaiti Coast Community Board news

Annual Plan Meetings

A thank you to those who were able to attend the recent DCC draft
annual plan meetings, it is acknowledged that these were not well
advertised, this has been discussed with staff to ensure that these
sorts of meetings are advertised in our local community newspapers
where time permits.

Northern Water Schemes

Staff provided an update on progress and a revised programme to the
Board at our March meeting. The current programme indicates work
commencing on the Waikouaiti treatment plant upgrade in October 2007.

The programme also targets August 2007 for the award of tender for the
first stage of the pipeline. Stage 1 includes the pipeline to Waitati
and storage for Waitati and Warrington. The programme targets
commissioning for Waitati in March 2008 and Warrington in June /July

DCC advertised for registrations of interest from appropriately
experienced contractors, with the view to involving the preferred
contractor/s in the detailed design phase of the project.
Registrations of Interest closed on the 16th April and are currently
being assessed by staff.


The Board would like to thank all those who took the time to complete
and return the questionnaire. Staff are assisting the Board in
collating and summarising the questionnaires. Due to staff
unavailability this has taken longer than originally anticipated. It
is intended that a commentary on the summary will be provided for the
Blueskin News and POWA News.

Seal Extensions

Staff are in the process of preparing next year's works programme and
have contacted residents of the streets affected for comment on the
proposed works.

Streets targeted for the 2007/08 year are Halkirk, Dunnet, Rona,
Kamura, Bernera Streets and Parata Avenue.

Community Clean-up Days

At our April meeting the board were asked to provide comment on the
"Community Clean-up Days". For some time staff have suggested that the
provision of this service should be discontinued. Fortunately to date
this has not found political favour. The Board is adamant that this
service is required for our community and must be retained.

At our meeting the Board resolved:
• that the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board supports the continuation
of the Community Clean Up Days
• that the Waikouaiti Coast Community Board support an interim measure
where green waste is separated out from solid waste and other sorting
opportunities are explored
• that staff be asked to comment on the financial, social, cultural
and environmental implications of the previous motion

Pedestrian facilities/Safe Walking Spaces

Members met with staff on 4th April to review pedestrian facilities in
our area. The meeting focused on further clarification of the schedule
of improvements listed in the community plan along with other areas of
potential concern and identifying the wider pedestrian network.
Criteria for prioritising work was also discussed, the recent
community questionnaire was noted and staff will be provided with the
relevant parts of the community feedback summary once this is

Staff will now collate the information exchanged update the list of
works, provide recommendations on prioritising criteria, and arrange
for a Board site visit for our area.

Rural Road Safety

The Board have arranged a tour with staff for the 24 April to visit
particular areas of concern this will assist in formulating a list of
required improvements and potential priorities for future community

Blueskin Bay Library Upgrade

Board members have been provided with an update on the proposed
upgrade for the Blueskin Bay Library. Concept plans are well
advanced, the community steering group have been seeking feedback on
the concept plans from the community.

Proposed Rural Landscape Plan Change

The Board has been advised that preparation for the above plan change
is behind programme, at this stage I am unable to advise proposed
public notification dates.

Finally just a reminder if you have any issues you wish to raise with
the Board please feel free to contact any Board member directly.

by Gerard Collings, chairperson

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Warrington Playcentre news

Warrington Playcentre

Kia ora koutou - welcome to all our new families.

Term 1 was a busy time for the Warrington Playcentre children. We
went bike riding at the Domain, swimming at the school pool and had an
awesome storytelling session with Katrina McMullan. Our four-year-old
sessions continue to run every Wednesday morning and are proving to be
fun and informative for the 'bigger' children.

At the end of Term 1 we farewelled Tallulah and Ethan, as they move on
to school. Thanks to the Horsefield family for their contributions
during their time with the centre.

We are looking forward to a productive and fun Term 2 for all!

All new families to the area are warmly invited to come and visit our centre.

Session times are 9:00am – 12:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Playcentre contact number is 027 227 7329.

by Carol Forbes & Mark Familton

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Friday, 20 April 2007

News from Warrington School

It has been an action-filled term with the last few weeks seeing a new
Board elected (Mark Familton, Tim Locker, Eric Neuman, Rebecca
Pearson, Joanna Ward and Wendy Russell), A&P participation, camp and
trips. Our final event was the Disco at the Hall on the last day of
the term. Blueskin Bay Library was at the back of the hall issuing
The school has benefited greatly from the volunteer help - thanks once
again to our wonderful helpers.
This term we are studying festivals and celebrations. This will tie in
with our Matariki and lantern celebration in the week of June 18-22
and the East Otago Kaupapa Maori festival Jime 7th. These events will
feature highly in the term.
The school roll is 50 at the beginning of Term Two. We are one pupil
away from the school having a Ministry-funded third teacher.

by Nathan Parker, Principal

Sutton Camp report by Room 1 students

Aimee-Leigh: The Rail Trail was very good for my experience - it
taught me more about the weather and how it can change. How things in
life are harder than you think they are.
Kinnon: The best part about Sutton Camp was going to the pool, riding
the bikes and we also got ice cream. When the small lot of people were
doing the Rail Trail, when we got back we got hot cocoa and the
chocolates and balls with soft chocolate in them. They were so tasty
but we got only two.
Matthew: My favourite part of Sutton Camp was the swimming although
the bike riding was fun. I still preferred the swimming because I
learnt how to dive. Next to that I really enjoyed the cooking because
on the first day we had pizzas for tea. I liked the pizzas because WE
made them.
Jacinda: The best part about Camp was swimming because the pool was in
Middlemarch and it was different to our normal school pool. Also, for
our tea we had really yummy pizzas. We got to put what we wanted on
them. After swimming we would have an ice cream.
Eliza: My absolute favourite part of camp was going to Middlemarch
Pool and being the first girl to dive off the diving board
dolphin-style. I also liked getting ice cream afterwards. The tea was
geat too - on night one we had pizza, the next night we had pasta and
the last night we had omlette and salad. I only had salad, yummy. The
Rail Trail ride was fun but we got blown to pieces.
Larissa: My favourite part of Camp was going to the hall and pushing
each other around in the highchair and jumping off the diving board at
the Middlemarch pool. Also we cycled to the Salt Lake and it was all
dried up. We got ice creams after swimming and that was the very first
time I jumped off a diving board.
Tarn: My favourite bit of Sutton Camp was the Middlemarch swimming
pool. There was a diving board about 1m from the water. We went there
every day. On Wednesday we split into two groups. The big group went
on part of the Rail Trail where we got blown nearly off the track and
it began to rain lioke little knives on our faces but it was still

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"copyleft" by Blueskin Media - may be freely re-edited and
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Monday, 16 April 2007

Wild Blueskin feature: Swampy Ridge Track

Swampy Ridge Track

Grade: easy
Administered by: DCC
Bring: boots, warm clothing, parka, food, drink

North from Waitati take the first left just past the Blueskin General
Store into Double Hill Road. Take care on this road, keeping strictly
to the left, especially where visibility is limited on corners and
crests. Park opposite the first DOC sign on the corner of Semple and
Mountain Roads just past the fire-fighting pond on the right (6km from
the Waitati turn-off).

Walk up a rough vehicle track by the sign and take a left turn at the
third DOC sign, "Swampy Summit" – a few minutes in from the road. The
track is clearly defined and undulating through manuka and open
tussock country to the summit with some fine views. It's usually very
windy at the summit by the Airways Corporation navigation equipment
and building.

Return the same way giving a round trip of about 4 hours of pleasant tramping.
This is one of the tracks which we mow when time allows. The growth is
rapid but it's really special when it's freshly cut as it is now.

by George Sutherland
Green Hut Track Group

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Friday, 6 April 2007

Memorable Music: Review of Warrington recital, 4 April

The children (but one) sat in rapt attention throughout the St.
Barnabas recital. The wee Anglican Kirk afforded standing-room only
for the rare musical event, musicians Susie Mechan (voice/guitar) and
Chris Prosser (Composer/Violin).

The kirk, or Anglican Church, in this predominantly Scottish village
of 250 people is defined by florally decorated scriptural passages
above the windows and high above the altar. Only the neon "Exit" sign

Susie Mechan has the rich, throaty voice I associate with a Scotswoman
accustomed to superior malt whisky. She reminded us why 'Sweet Annie
Laurie,' 'My love is like a red red rose,' and 'The road and miles to
Dundee' must not be forgotten. The hush during her performance was

Chris Prosser's performance on violin of various works in progress
drew rave applause from aficionados of Celtic music. My lone quarrel?
The piece which he titled 'Little Klezmer' sounded like a 'hoedown' to
my ear. Indeed after that performance, an enthusiastic listener boldly
inquired if a dance in the aisle would be permitted. The vicar, a
lovely mature woman in the front row, flashed a smile.

After rapturous applause, the partners concluded with two encores as a
duo. 'Autumn Approaches' was the perfect finale on this early autumn
night under a full harvest moon near the "most Scottish city outside
of Scotland."

The children will forever remember. I shall remember.

Jeanne Guthrie

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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Letter to the Editor of 'Blueskin News' by RT Sheppard

Your latest newsletter is a disappointing display of journalism in my
opinion. You have to check out your facts better and stop informants
hoodwinking you over what is fact and what is not and using your
publication to steal others' thunder.

On the cricket report:
1. Frank O'Neill should not be described as arrogant. That is bad taste.
2. Blandings Castle does not exist. This misleads people into thinking
that my place is Blandings Castle which it isn't. My place is Egmont
Castle and is legally owned by Egmont Enterprises, although it is
observable from Bland Park.

Also the article on Silverpeaks tramping says Green Hut doesn't exist:
not true – it was relocated by the late Ainsley Milne and myself 12
years ago 100m from its original position and is used by many hunters
as a shelter in a storm. The track people were informed of this. I
include a mapo of where it is.

by RT Sheppard
Egmont Enterprises

(Mr Sheppard's map will be published in due course)

Reply on behalf of the 'Blueskin News' editors:

I agree that the remark about the cricket player was in bad taste. I
didn't write it but I was responsible for publishing it 'uncut' and I
apologise for this breach of our editorial standards.

Peter Dowden

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