Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Wild Blueskin feature: Green Hut Track

>From Highway One, just north of the shop at Waitati, head left up
Double Hill Road, keeping strictly to the left on the brow of hills,
and continue along Semple Road to the large water-holding on your
right, approx 6 kms from Highway One. Park here and take the rough
clay 4wd track opposite up to the Silverpeaks Scenic Reserve. Continue
over Hightop and the Clump keeping to the right at the sign to Swampy.
After about 1 and a half hours' walk you'll be at the site of the
Green Hut from which the track gets its name. Unfortunately, no hut!
It was vandalised and then removed some years back. There is a nice
flat grassy area for your lunch. This is a pleasant walk with grand
views of the lovely bush-clad country surrounding. Be aware that
helicopter weed-spraying might occur at any time until the end of
April in calm conditions. Don't proceed if this occurs. This track is
the backbone track of the Silverpeaks, leading to many exciting
tramps. Boots, hat, drink, food recommended. (Next issue: Swampy

by George, Green Hut Track Group

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