Friday, 23 March 2007

Warrington Reserve Group news


Further investigations will be carried out into the old Maori village
site located at the north end of Warrington Spit in the next month or
so (depending on the time it takes for the red tape to be cut). This
must happen before the reserve can be replanted.
There is an opportunity for the community to help with an
archaeological dig and for the community to get to know our older
history and to possibly get some of this amazingly untold and ignored
part of our heritage told more widely, eg through proper signs etc.
Look for notices or contact us to find out more.


52 of us attended the latest 'Baywalk' to learn about the huge local
wilderness area just out our back door – the estuary. Jim Fyfe and
Tony Brett provided insight into the animals living in the estuarine
ooze and the water too, while Derek Onley provided his great knowledge
on the beautiful birdlife abounding on the mudflats and the issues
affecting them. Shags are down in numbers over the last few years,
perhaps due to a lack of roosting trees from which to spot prey.
Cockles were discussed in depth, with the walkers keen to know if the
cockle population is healthy, coming away aware that there is some
concern amongst scientists as to whether this is the case or not.


Two Hector's Dolphins were spotted in the waves on the afternoon of
the Baywalk, but how many there are locally is a burning question.
Reserve group members are suggesting that we need a serious study to
find out, given that in recent years three local dolphins have died in
fishing nets. Eight was the guesstimate of their population before
these three were killed – can they survive? Can local people help
find out? We would like to know. Contacts: Karen on 4822762 or Joseph
on 4822006

by Joseph Dougherty

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