Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Waitati School trials innovative lunch options

Some Waitati School parents and caregivers have expressed a wish for
the children to be able to purchase food other than pies from the
school for lunch. The School's brilliant idea was that some parents
cook up a few batches of something healthy and freeze it in small
containers, but on investigation with the DCC they discovered
something rather interesting: Evidently, in order for us to be able
to sell food, we have to have it prepared on special approved
premises. In this case they said they'd approve the Waitati Hall, and
they would come and teach us how to prepare food hygienically (unlike
the botulism infested food we make for our kids' meals each day! The
weirdest part of all this is that it appears we can cook for our kids
so long as we don't charge for it! I presume that means we're more
likely to give the children food poisoning if we are selling it!

Anyway - to cut a VERY long story short - Waitati School has
negotiated with New World to produce school food in small portions on
a trial basis.

Pies will still be selling at normal prices. New meals will be on
offer in small and large sizes. The small meals will be in normal
pie-tin size and will cost $2.00 each. The large ones are about double
the size and cost $3.00. The flavours (available in both sizes) are:
Spaghetti Bolognaise, Macaroni Cheese (with bacon) and Vegetarian
Pasta (pumpkin).

We are trialling these and will be getting 10 of each flavour in the
small size and the same in the large size to see how they go. The
flavours will change from time to time just for a bit of variety, if
these are not popular we will not carry on with them, but we think
it's worth a try.

By Barbara, Waitati School

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