Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Waikouaiti Police Report March 2007

This month Waikouaiti Police have dealt with a number of incidents
occurring on our roads and State Highway: non-injury and injury
crashes, drink drivers, loose stock, breakdowns, driving complaints
etc. Most of these incidents are dealt with at the roadside, however
in some instances Police have issued Infringement Notices while others
have been dealt with by way of prosecution.

As most people are aware, road works are being conducted along parts
of State Highway One and Coast Road. Please be patient and adhere to
advisory speed limits and if travelling to or from Dunedin allow extra
time for the possible delays.

With the children back at school we remind parents and others to
monitor their speed when nearing schools in our area, Police are
monitoring the schools and those caught exceeding the speed limit by 5
km/h or more will be issued with an Infringement Notice. When dropping
off or picking up their children from school parents must take care
not to double park, park on broken yellow lines, or park too close to
intersections, or in some instances in the intersection itself.
Children are not always clearly visible to motorists in these
situations, in addition children do not always understand or
comprehend the speeds at which vehicles travel, and so their ability
to safely assess when to cross the road when traffic is travelling
towards them can be impaired. Police will monitor this issue and if
necessary fines of up to $150.00 may be issued, however I am confident
this will not be necessary.

Residents in and around Warrington need to be vigilant and ensure
their homes, vehicles and surrounding buildings are locked and secured
as a burglary occurred recently at a commercial building at Evansdale:
alcohol and a small amount of cash was taken in the burglary. Police
are continuing to investigate this matter.

Remember, be vigilant when travelling and always drive to the
conditions. If you require information regarding road conditions
telephone Transit New Zealand on 0800 44 44 49. If you see anything
suspicious or if you wish to speak to the Police regarding any other
matter you can contact us on 03 465 9127 or 027 436 9302. In
emergencies dial 111. Until next month, take care.

Constable Jon-Paul Tremain
Waikouaiti Police

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