Thursday, 22 March 2007

News from the Warrington Surf Life Saving Club

The Life Guards finished patrolling the beaches on the 11 March.
Thank you to all our Life Guards for the wonderful job you have done
this summer. We do realise it has been a rather difficult season with
our number of active life guards being low, we do appreciate all you

Our existing and future Surf Life Guards are preparing for next season
already. Swimming at the "Moana Gow Pool" at Hawkesbury is up and
running again thanks to our great coach Cherie.

On 10th March the South Island IRB champs were held in Warrington.

We had a great Closing Day for the Season on Sunday 18 March: handing
out our club trophies to support all our achievers.

Special Thank You to the following people:
• Les Rainbow for fixing the flag poles.
• Pru Casey for her continued efforts at obtaining Donations and
Grants to enable us to extend our facilities.
• Peter Ibbotson for fixing the taps in the Girls changing room
• Lee Hunter for securing sponsorship from Fulton Hogan, enabling us
to purchase the lovely warm micro fleeces.
• Lyn Hastie for the organising and ordering of the fleeces
• Steph Kelly for the organizing of all our current barbeques
• Errol Ferguson for the donation of the deep freeze.
• Lyn Hastie for her assistance as Manager, cook, organizer, on our
very successful trip to Christchurch to the Ocean Athletes Surf Life
Saving Champs. This was a great trip and the children thoroughly
enjoyed themselves, gaining many medals, and all participated with
great enthusiasm.

Huge congratulations to Elise Dickson who was selected as part of the
team in the Otago U14 Development Team. As a result she recently had
a very successful and enjoyable trip to Red Beach in Auckland. A
wonderful achievement, we are very proud of you.

We will be holding a Garage Sale at the up and coming Blueskin Bay A &
P Show. This is an excellent way of raising some funding to put
towards our building. So keep this day free as we will need
everybody's assistance to transport the goodies, to set up, price
everything, clean it etc.

by Lyn Hastie, Kaye Burns and Peter Dowden

"copyleft" by Blueskin Media - may be freely re-edited and
republished. If you want to credit the source it's "".

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