Friday, 23 March 2007

Lawn Bowls in Waitati

Waitati's Lawn Bowls club 'Templeton Heights' had a tournament in
December 2006 and a number of tournaments in 2007.

Arthur Templeton was the pick of the bunch, winning the first two 2007
tournaments, beating off six competitors in the first and eight others
in the second.

D Hodgson won the 2006 tournament with five competitors and the last
tournament of February with six players.

Janette has been a consistant finalist with real skill. Bill Maslin
was finalist to Templeton and Hodgson and brilliant as best player on
Club nights. Stu Griffiths is the most improved player and another
best player on Club nights. Lynley O'Neill has always looked likely
and will be one to watch out for.

A Waitati Rep team has been selected to play a Warrington private
club. The Reps are Arthur Templeton (Capt), Jeanette, D Hodgson, Bill
Maslin; Reserves Stu Griffiths, Lynley O'Neill.

Any other tournaments and club nights will be advertised. New players
are always welcome and balls available.

by Digby (4822120)

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