Thursday, 22 February 2007

The sound of tree felling has been heard and the sight of a bulldozer working on an incredibly steep slope has been seen recently near Waitati. It seemed as if the Ecosanctuary fence had failed to stop at its boundary and was creeping closer to the village. This is in fact correct. Thanks to the amazing generosity of an adjacent landowner the ecosanctuary has increased in area by 57 ha. This is a significant addition as size IS important when dealing with animals and their territories.

Another 2 kms of fencing will be required and the completion date is now expected to be late March. Then the pest eradication will begin.

The huhu grubs collected late last year were gratefully received by the mother kaka. As a result all four chicks have successfully fledged. Meanwhile, the remains of the felled pines within the ecosanctuary will provide good huhu grub habitat for a future supply of this most favoured kaka food.

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Sue Hensley

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