Sunday, 21 January 2007

Seacliff naturopath looks at the whole person

Jen Packard is a qualified Naturopath and Registered Nurse operating a
clinic in her home in Seacliff.

Jen finds that many people these days are looking more and more to
natural methods to maintain and return to good health. "With our busy
lifestyles we often don't have time to look after ourselves and due to
diet and stresses placed on us, our bodies find ways of telling us to
slow down: fatigue, colds and influenza, anxiety, skin conditions and
sleep problems."

Naturopathy looks at the person as a whole, hence the name holistic
health care. This means taking into consideration the physical,
emotional, spiritual, environmental and social aspects of lifestyle. A
full medical and dietary history is taken and then recommendations for
changes are suggested. These include nutritional advice, medicinal
herbal prescriptions and Bach flower remedies. Massage is also offered
as a relaxing treatment for those tired, tight muscles.

"At all times the client is an integral part of their treatment
planning and changes can always be made to accommodate lifestyles,"
Jen explained. "The initial consultation is extensive and a follow-up
appointment is usually made for 2 weeks' time to monitor the
effectiveness of treatment and allow for adjustments."

Many illnesses respond extremely well to dietary and herbal
recommendations and Jen said she has had good results with chronic
conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal problems and
skin conditions.

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