Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Clinicians improve clinic's health

Efforts to improve the medical service at Warrington Hall are
continuing. Since 4th November the clinic has run on an appointment
basis. Appointments can be made at the Warrington clinic or by ringing
Waikouaiti 4657599 or Palmerston 4651445. This is to give people more
certainty about when they will be seen and to ensure that people are
forewarned if the clinic is not going to run on a particular week.

"There is a very long tradition of just turning up," said general
practitioner Dr Jeremy Hay. "People who do just turn up will still be
seen but will need to fit in around the people who have appointments."

The computer-based system is running well, Jeremy said. All results
and notes are available to the clinicians via a laptop which is
regularly linked up to the main computer system in Palmerston.

The staff and patients are finding the little surgery room quite a lot
more functional with its new furniture. Jeremy explained that the
Warrington Hall Committee is considering an upgrade to the rooms with
attention to soundproofing among other things. "These changes are all
part of a committment to continuing the clinic at Warrington and
making it a more convenient and professional service," he said.

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