Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Blueskin Playcentre news

Kiaora Tatou, greetings to every one

Term 4 ended with a bang. We had an amazing trip on the Seasider
train with the Waitati School new entrants class. It was a beautiful
day and all were anticipating a great ride. The children as well as
most parents had not been on this train ride so we had a happy
carriage. There were plenty of people out to wave hello to us and
many children were able to spot their house. We had a nice picnic in
Palmerston and a special stop off in Waitati on the way back.
Hopefully this can be a yearly trip.

We are excited about a new year at Playcentre. We have added a third
session and are now open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The parents
felt it would be nice to have a third day again and we were able to
accommodate. Our wonderful supervisors are returning for another
year. Michelle and Ishtar have established great relationships with
the families at the centre and we are happy to have them back.

We will start the term with a trip to the Blueskin Library. The
parents will head to Playcentre for a clean-up session while the
children are at the library. The children will get to choose some
library books to enjoy at the centre. There are a few trips to plan
for this term and most will take advantage of the nicer weather this
time of year.


Happy belated birthday to Mihai and Leilani, both turned three over
the holidays. Also, a belated birthday to Isaac who is now a big two
year old.

Playcentre is a wonderful place to gain new friends and retouch with
old ones. Parents are supported with their child's learning and can
develop their involvement through Playcentre training. Feel free to
stop by for a cup of tea and see what we are all about. The first day
of term is Wednesday, February 7.

We're open on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings, 9:30 – 12:00
noon. We cater for children aged from birth right up to 6 years of
age, their parents and caregivers. Come and get to know other parents
with young children in the community. For information you can give
our co-presidents a call: Mandy, 482 2752 or Tracey, 482 1406. Our
Centre ph 027 427 1727, during session times.

by Frances Beumer

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