Monday, 29 January 2007

Blueskin Bay Person of the Month: Rev Arthur Templeton QSO MA

As proved to be the case with its inhabitant, there's much more to
Arthur's place than meets the eye. The narrow, winding driveway opens
out to a lovely old mid-20th-century Kiwiana country house with
spreading elm, bowling green and the obligatory red NZ Post Office
phone box converted to a more earthly use.

Arthur recalls remarking to his wife Ina as they went up the drive
for the first time: "This might be the place." They moved in on 31
July 1975, "…the night half of Canterbury's forests blew down in a
fierce norwester. I spent the night keeping an eye on an enormous
bluegum which I feared would fall on the house."

Arthur worked for many years as a social worker at Dunedin Hospital
while preaching on Sundays as a volunteer Minister at the North East
Valley Church of Christ. Living out here, the Blueskin Union Parish
would ask him to preach occasionally – this developed to the point
where Arthur ended up preaching every Sunday. In those days he and the
congregation switched week-about between Blueskin Union's Warrington
and Waitati churches. "Ina and I used to drive to town in two cars.
I'd preach at the North East Valley Church of Christ at 10, then sneak
out during the third hymn while Ina played the organ to the end of
service. I could be at Waitati or Warrington by eleven." In this way,
Arthur preached in two locations and two denominations in as many

Arthur might have been the earliest to leave the 10 o'clock Service,
but he must have been one of the latest in leaving the Ministry:
"Presbyterian ministers must retire at 65. I was 70 before they had
even asked me to be 'stated supply' [ie to become Blueskin Union
Parish minister]. Later, when they found out I was 85 I was told if I
didn't jump, I'd be pushed. So I retired in November 2000."

By this time the Blueskin parish had closed its Waitati church
(opposite the Waitati Hall and Library) which was later converted to
a home. Arthur joined the congregation down in the pews at Warrington.
The Parish was dealt a severe blow a few years later when a dozen or
so parishioners shifted, and it is now amalgamated with Knox Church in
Dunedin. The church in Warrington held its last service in 2004 and
has also become a family home.

Arthur's late wife Robina or "Ina" (rhymes with "diner") was well
known as an art educator for organizations like the YWCA and WEA. "She
completed 101 terms of art tutoring," Arthur recalls. An important
role for Arthur was framing the 12 000 or so hand-painted miniatures
of New Zealand scenes Ina produced and sold around the country at
tourist sites like the Mt Cook Hermitage and Rotorua's Gobelin House.

Friends helped the couple build the "Artina Gallery" in an old
bowling-green teahouse. "It still has 250 paintings: that's a
twentieth of Ina's output." That comes to 5000 paintings, a remarkable
effort. Now and then Arthur comes across another one or two, popping
out from odd corners of the house while he's looking for something

Arthur Templeton turned 91 in September 2006. A keen motorist, he is
looking forward to the rescinding of the annual test for older drivers
later this year. As he is known to have said at a University
Chaplaincy function a few years ago, "I retired a while ago now, but I
spelt it with a Y."

Interview by Peter Dowden. First published in 'Blueskin News' 2
September 2006 and presented here with minor corrections.

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Friday, 26 January 2007

Waitati Toy Library announces latest opening dates

Waitati Toy Library Open Times and Dates

Sat 10th February
Monday 12th February

Sat 24th Feb
Monday 26th Feb

Sat 10th March
Mon 12 March

Sat 24th March
Sat 26th March

New members are very welcome. We can be found at the Waitati
Community Hall and are open every fortnight, Saturdays 10.30am -
11.30am and Monday 6.30pm - 7.30pm. If you require any information
please don't hesitate to ring either Liz 482 1450 or Jo 482 2174.

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Thursday, 25 January 2007

Relay for Life at Waikouaiti

The local Cancer group are holding their own Relay for Life fun day at
the Waikouaiti Race Course on Saturday 24 February. An opening
ceremony will be held at the start of the day at 3pm. We are asking
for donations from you the public for walking part of the race course
and to buy T Shirts to wear during the day. We will be holding a
sausage sizzle, raffles and entertainment. At approx 8.30pm there will
be candles in a bag for sale ($5) to light in remembrance of a loved
one who died of cancer. We will have a candlelight ceremony at 9pm.

Relay for Life Fun Walk
Waikouaiti Race Course
February 24, 2007
3pm - 9pm
Candlelit Ceremony 9pm
Proceeds to Otago/Southland Cancer Society
Sausage Sizzle, raffles, entertainment

Judy Irving 4658484
June Rapson 4657455
Ainslie Beatson 4657710

by Louise Sherriff

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Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Clinicians improve clinic's health

Efforts to improve the medical service at Warrington Hall are
continuing. Since 4th November the clinic has run on an appointment
basis. Appointments can be made at the Warrington clinic or by ringing
Waikouaiti 4657599 or Palmerston 4651445. This is to give people more
certainty about when they will be seen and to ensure that people are
forewarned if the clinic is not going to run on a particular week.

"There is a very long tradition of just turning up," said general
practitioner Dr Jeremy Hay. "People who do just turn up will still be
seen but will need to fit in around the people who have appointments."

The computer-based system is running well, Jeremy said. All results
and notes are available to the clinicians via a laptop which is
regularly linked up to the main computer system in Palmerston.

The staff and patients are finding the little surgery room quite a lot
more functional with its new furniture. Jeremy explained that the
Warrington Hall Committee is considering an upgrade to the rooms with
attention to soundproofing among other things. "These changes are all
part of a committment to continuing the clinic at Warrington and
making it a more convenient and professional service," he said.

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The 'Blueskin Days' Book Launch is on Sunday 4 March at 2pm in the Waitati Hall. There will be EFTPOS facilities available. The book is retailing for only $40 and you can purchase an autographed copy of the book at the launching. Everyone most welcome and light refreshments will be served.

Please note that this is rescheduled from the previously announced dates.

Blueskin days: a history of Waitati, Evansdale, Warrington and surrounding districts' by Ian Church with Stuart and Jean Strachan will be published early March 2007. This is the first major history of the Blueskin area since 1957. 'Blueskin Days' draws extensively on previous untapped archived material and on the stories and reminiscences of those with a long connection to the area, as well as previously published sources. It offers a comprehensive view of life in and around Blueskin Bay, beginning with the Maori of pre-European times continuing right up to right now.

The book will be about 360 pages in length with over 160 pictures. It will be on sale after the book launching at the Blueskin General Store. You can also place an order for it at the Blueskin Bay Library.

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Warrington Surf Life Saving Club news

The Warrington Surf Life Saving Club volunteers have been busy
patrolling and it is great to see so many people enjoying our safe
CLEAN beach!

This year the popular Surf Club Garage Sale will be held at the
Blueskin A&P Clearing Sale at Bland Park, Waitati, on 31st March 2007.
We would love to receive any donations of goods for this sale and can
arrange collection and storage. Please phone Jane 4822662.

by Jane Hailes

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Blueskin Playcentre news

Kiaora Tatou, greetings to every one

Term 4 ended with a bang. We had an amazing trip on the Seasider
train with the Waitati School new entrants class. It was a beautiful
day and all were anticipating a great ride. The children as well as
most parents had not been on this train ride so we had a happy
carriage. There were plenty of people out to wave hello to us and
many children were able to spot their house. We had a nice picnic in
Palmerston and a special stop off in Waitati on the way back.
Hopefully this can be a yearly trip.

We are excited about a new year at Playcentre. We have added a third
session and are now open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The parents
felt it would be nice to have a third day again and we were able to
accommodate. Our wonderful supervisors are returning for another
year. Michelle and Ishtar have established great relationships with
the families at the centre and we are happy to have them back.

We will start the term with a trip to the Blueskin Library. The
parents will head to Playcentre for a clean-up session while the
children are at the library. The children will get to choose some
library books to enjoy at the centre. There are a few trips to plan
for this term and most will take advantage of the nicer weather this
time of year.


Happy belated birthday to Mihai and Leilani, both turned three over
the holidays. Also, a belated birthday to Isaac who is now a big two
year old.

Playcentre is a wonderful place to gain new friends and retouch with
old ones. Parents are supported with their child's learning and can
develop their involvement through Playcentre training. Feel free to
stop by for a cup of tea and see what we are all about. The first day
of term is Wednesday, February 7.

We're open on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday mornings, 9:30 – 12:00
noon. We cater for children aged from birth right up to 6 years of
age, their parents and caregivers. Come and get to know other parents
with young children in the community. For information you can give
our co-presidents a call: Mandy, 482 2752 or Tracey, 482 1406. Our
Centre ph 027 427 1727, during session times.

by Frances Beumer

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Monday, 22 January 2007

Kia ora and here we are at the beginning of another year – may it hold many wonders for you! Needless to say, you'll find much that's wonderful at your local library.

Planning for February so far includes the launch of 'Blueskin Days', and the prize giving for the children's summer reading programme. You'll be advised of further great plans as they emerge.


This is a new history of the Blueskin Bay area, written by Ian Church, with Stuart and Jean Strachan. Many of you will have made contributions to the material. As well as the stories and memories of local people, the book draws on new archive material and previously published sources. It should be fascinating. Your chance to be among the first to own a copy comes on March 4, 2pm at the Waitati Hall. Eftpos facilities available. Here the book will be ceremonially presented to the world. Come and help celebrate the occasion, listen to speakers give you the background story, eat, drink and buy the book. If you can't be there, you need not miss out. You can buy a copy of the book for only $40.Order forms are available at the Blueskin Bay Library and Blueskin General Store.

Summer Reading Programme Prize-giving

We have not yet settled on a date, or the illustrious person who will present the prizes. But we do know that the children have been doing some serious reading over this un-summery summer and will be most deserving of their prizes. As soon as we know the date, we'll let you know.

Good books: Library staff recommendations

We've been doing some serious summer reading too. We recommend these:

Louise: 'Odysseus' Last Stand' by Dave Stamboulis. This is a detailed account of a seven-year cycling journey round the world.

Carolyn: 'Our Lady of the Forest' by David Guterson. A teen-aged runaway begins to have visions of the Virgin Mary. The Catholic Church representative is sceptical, and so are some locals. Others believe with the same intensity as the teenaged girl. Great characters. Great story. 'The Assassin of Gleam' by James Norcliffe. This is the first in a planned series for young adults. The city of Gleam is ruled by an evil tyrant and the people believe a maiden will save them. When a young girl is identified as the 'maiden' her life is in danger, and her brother becomes entangled in a 'brotherhood' of dark magic. Gripping. 'Curious Pursuits' by Margaret Atwood. This is a collection of her writings from the 1990's to the present day. Much is about books, reviews of books, the writing life, and I'm still reading it and can't put it down.

Helen: 'In a Strange Garden' by Lloyd Chapman. This is fascinating biography of Truby King. Beautifully written. 'The Fig Eater' by Jody Shields. 'The Wright 3' by Blue Balliett, illustrated by Brett Helquist. A mystery for children, this tells the story of a group of children who are trying to save a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright from demolition. Caroline: 'Malcolm and Juliet' by Bernard Beckett. This is very funny. It is full of unexpected twists and has a strong New Zealand flavour.


Our shelver, Caroline Young is leaving us! Her university life begins this year, and so she's moving on, but we hope she'll be back from time to time to help out. Caroline has given her time generously to many activities, such as running workshops, as well as taking on whatever library tasks we have thrown at her. If you go the City Library on Monday and Tuesday nights, you'll see her working there. She'll be greatly missed.

Bye from Louise, Carolyn, Helen, Mike and Caroline

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Warrington Reserve Group meeting notice


Time : 7:30pm Monday February 12th
Place: 8 Hill Road
Contacts: Karen Hobday 4822762 & Joseph Dougherty 4822006
The Warrington Reserve Group was established in 2006 to facilitate
local participation in decision-making and active management of the
Warrington Spit Reserve.
All locals and interested parties are invited to take part in the WRG.
Come along and share your views and ideas.
We meet monthly.
Current projects include replanting around the Domain and improving
the safety and hygiene of the Domain.

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Sunday, 21 January 2007

Seacliff naturopath looks at the whole person

Jen Packard is a qualified Naturopath and Registered Nurse operating a
clinic in her home in Seacliff.

Jen finds that many people these days are looking more and more to
natural methods to maintain and return to good health. "With our busy
lifestyles we often don't have time to look after ourselves and due to
diet and stresses placed on us, our bodies find ways of telling us to
slow down: fatigue, colds and influenza, anxiety, skin conditions and
sleep problems."

Naturopathy looks at the person as a whole, hence the name holistic
health care. This means taking into consideration the physical,
emotional, spiritual, environmental and social aspects of lifestyle. A
full medical and dietary history is taken and then recommendations for
changes are suggested. These include nutritional advice, medicinal
herbal prescriptions and Bach flower remedies. Massage is also offered
as a relaxing treatment for those tired, tight muscles.

"At all times the client is an integral part of their treatment
planning and changes can always be made to accommodate lifestyles,"
Jen explained. "The initial consultation is extensive and a follow-up
appointment is usually made for 2 weeks' time to monitor the
effectiveness of treatment and allow for adjustments."

Many illnesses respond extremely well to dietary and herbal
recommendations and Jen said she has had good results with chronic
conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal problems and
skin conditions.

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Retreat provides seclusion, healing

Local Health Practitioner Barbara Ward and Design Consultant Sue
Dawson have set up Ashande Retreat with today's busy pace of life in

Barbara and Sue have transformed a barn on their 15-acre Clark Road
property on Double Hill near Waitati into a comfortable B&B. "If you
want to be completeley looked after we can offer you a package deal,"
said Sue, "but if you want to be undisturbed, we have a self-contained
private space."

The retreat is set in native bush supporting kereru, parrots, tui,
bellbirds, hawks and fantails. It differs from typical B&Bs: "We want
people to have time to themselves, to nurture, unwind and be with
mother nature," Barbara explained. This provides seclusion for a
couple, a mother bonding with a new-born child or room for 1-2
individuals seeking a restful time.

The Retreat provides personal needs other than accommodation: healing
packages will be available, drawing on Barbara's skills as a Homeopath
and Shamanic Facilitator - skills which will also be available to
locals at Barbara's weekly clinics.

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Friday, 19 January 2007

Blueskin Media release: Bay's Big Night Out rises to Heart Beat Challenge

A community event findraising for the Cancer Society is to be held at
Waitati Hall early next month. 'The Bay's Big Night Out' is an evening
of entertainment, food and fundraising as part of 'Heart Beat

"Our 2005 event "Tastes from around the bay" received rave reviews."
said Louise Sherriff, an organiser. "This year we are adding a band we
hope to get people to get a group of friends or workmates together and
join in the fun!"

The Bay's Big Night Out will be held on Saturday February 3rd starting
at 6pm at Waitati Hall. Local band 'James McAndrew & The Coast
Roaders' will be performing.

"It's a good night out for a good cause," Louise said. "Tickets are
limited so be in quick: first in first served!" Tickets can be bought
from The Blueskin Bay Library - phone Louise 482 2444 or from Stephne
4822 585, Carol 4821 228 or Iona 4822 320.

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Blueskin Media release: The Bay's Big Night Out

The Heartbeats team in "Relay for Life" present:
The Bay's Big Night Out

Our 2005 event "Tastes from around the bay" received rave reviews.
This year we are adding a band and an offer to local businesses to
advertise on the chocolate wheel batons for a small donation.

We invite you to get a group of friends or workmates together and join
in the fun!

Saturday February 3rd, 6pm
Waitati Hall
$30 Single, $50 Double
Our famous Cooking - Continuous Homemade Finger Foods
The Band: James McAndrew & The Coast Roaders

Chocolate Wheel, Entertainment, fun, laughter, dance, music, good company……..

Most of all a good night out for a good cause.

Order your tickets from: The Blueskin Bay Library - phone Louise 482 2444

Stephne 4822 585 - Carol 4821 228 - Iona 4822 320

(Tickets Limited - So be quick - First In First Served.)