Saturday, 23 December 2006

Blueskin Bay history book to launch soon

Blueskin days: a history of Waitati, Evansdale, Warrington and surrounding districts, by Ian Church with Stuart and Jean Strachan will be published by mid-February 2007. This is the first major history of the Blueskin area since the 1950s. Blueskin Days, draws extensively on previous untapped archives material and on the stories and reminiscences of those with a long connection to the area, as well previously published sources. It offers a comprehensive view of life in and around Blueskin Bay, beginning with the Maori of pre-European times and continuing right up to the present day.

The book has about 360 pages and over 160 pictures. Blueskin Bay Library will be selling it for $40. Contact Louise Sherriff at the Blueskin Bay Library on 482 2444 or email:

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Sunday, 10 December 2006

Update on Taekwondo Club session times

The Taekwondo Club recently adjusted the times for its training
sessions at the Warrington Memorial Hall. "We train at 6pm through to
7.30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays," said club member Tracy Kyle.

Warrington Indoor Bowls Club

by Ruth Porteous

Warrington Indoor Bowls Club 

Our playing season concluded early in September, and despite our small membership, the Club finished the 2006 year with a number of successes. We won the interclub fours and singles and missed the pairs by only 2 points. Cliff Porteous and Alison Joyce won the Eastern District Pairs, and club teams were often runners up in other events. Six of our ten members were selected for the Eastern Districts' representative teams.

This year we decided to run a Warrington Club Triples Tournament, which was played in the Karitane Hall. Despite only six teams entering this event it, was very successful, with everybody enjoying themselves. The club wishes to acknowledge the support received from the Bendigo Trust, enabling us to purchase substantial prizes for the tournament. The following members won our club champion of champion events – Cliff Porteous, Andrew Thompson, Ruth Stevens and Alison Joyce for the fours, Cliff Porteous and Lyn Hastie for the pairs and the singles winners were Andrew Thompson and Ruth Porteous.  

To cap the season off, at the Sub Association Annual General Meeting, three of our players were made Life Members of the Eastern Districts Indoor Bowls Sub Association, in recognition of their contributions to the Sub Association. The citations for each were as follows;

Ruth Stevens has been a member of the Warrington club since 1962 and continues to play for that club. She has held office within her own club, and some years ago was award Life Membership to the club for her commitment and dedication. While she has not been a club delegate to Eastern Districts, Ruth has always supported the Sub Association at its tournaments and has been an Eastern Districts representative player for many years. Over her years of playing our sport, Ruth has won numerous Eastern Districts titles. She has also supported events run by other clubs within the Sub Association. Mrs Stevens is now the longest standing active member of the Eastern Districts Indoor Bowls Sub Association.

Cliff Porteous has been a delegate from the Warrington Club to Eastern Districts on and off since the Annual General Meeting of 1977. As well as winning a number of Eastern District's titles and being an Eastern Districts representative player Cliff has also represented E D as an Otago representative player. He has been an E D Delegate to Otago Indoor Bowls Association. As a member of the E D Management Committee, Cliff has held positions on the Hall Committee, been a Selector and held the office of Vice President and President.

Ruth Porteous was approached in 1984 to take on the position of Secretary-Treasurer. She has continued to hold this position since then. She has also had the opportunity to be a representative player for E D and has won one or two E D titles. 

Next year takes Warrington Indoor bowls Club to its 50th Jubilee and plans are afoot to celebrate this. We would love to hear from as many past players as possible, so they can be advised of the plans and have the opportunity of joining in the celebrations. If you are, or know of the whereabouts of past members please contact Cliff or Ruth Porteous, ph 4822849. There is to be a Jubilee Fours Tournament held in the Karitane Hall at the end of April and the Club plans to hold some activities in the Warrington Hall, although these have not yet been finalised.

Blueskin Media release: Fwd: Orokonui Ecosanctuary

Orokonui Ecosanctuary takes its first giant step

(by Orokonui Ecosanctuary)

With work already underway on the construction of a specialised pest-exclusion fence, the Orokonui Ecosanctuary has taken its first significant step towards becoming a reality.

In the Orokonui Valley, 20 kilometres to the north of Dunedin's Octagon, a fence-building team has set up camp and has begun the 5-month long process of enclosing the valley with 7.2 kilometres of mammal-proof fencing. The fence, which features fine stainless steel mesh and stands at around 1.9 metres tall, will enclose 250 hectares of regenerating forest at Orokonui.
Ralph Allen, Chairman of the Otago Natural History Trust, said that the Trust is very pleased to be using the expertise of the Xcluder Pest Proof Fencing Company, a Waikato company that has eight years' experience in building exclusion fences. The fence design has been developed and tested to exclude pest animals such as mice, rats, stoats, weasels, ferrets, cats and possums.
"Once the fence is complete we will remove all of these animals from the valley and create a place that is safe for the return of the native birds, reptiles and bats that belong in our coastal forests" said Dr Allen.
The Ecosanctuary will recreate Dunedin's lost natural heritage and become an important part of the ecotourism experience in Dunedin, complementing the city's marine wildlife attractions. It will also offer wonderful opportunities for education, recreation and research.
Funding for the fence, which will cost the Trust $1.74 million, has come from three main sources: the Southern Trust, the Community Trust of Otago and the Lottery Grants Board, with a number of smaller donations making up the total. Members of the public have also been doing their bit by "buying" fenceposts. A donation of $100 entitles an individual or family to a named stainless steel plaque on one of the 1600 fenceposts that will enclose the valley. Nearly 400 fenceposts have already been spoken for, leaving another 1200 that the Trust is keen to "sell."

Dr Allen paid tribute to the fundraising team that has spent the past year assisting the Trust with their fundraising campaign.

 "Malcolm Farry and his team have done a great job. With $2.8 million raised to date we have had wonderful support from the community" said Dr Allen. "With this funding in place we can build the fence and meet many of the other costs associated with restoring the forest flora and fauna at Orokonui and with developing visitor facilities."

Dr Allen made particular mention of the Otago Regional Council, which has pledged $1million for ecosanctuary development over the coming four years.   

However, the full costs of sanctuary development are $4.6 million, making an ongoing programme of fundraising essential to the Ecosanctuary's success. Funding is still required for pest eradication, a visitor centre, tracks, aviaries and other restoration costs.

"The Trust is very grateful to all those who have already given financial and other support to the ecosanctuary cause" said Dr Allen, "But we are not there yet, and we are very keen to encourage further sponsorships and donations"


Pest eradication will take place once the fence is complete in 2007 and it is hoped that the Ecosanctuary will be officially opened in 2008. It is anticipated that the Ecosanctuary will attract more than 25,000 visitors a year and will become economically self- sustaining.
"However, financial self-reliance will not be achieved immediately," said Dr Allen. "Neither will restoration of the forest and the return of our lost species happen overnight. We will need the patience and ongoing support of Dunedin people to create this special place. But the start of fence construction is a major step along the way."  

For more informatio contact: Diane Campbell-Hunt Trust Secretary (03) 477 5160 or 021 182 4301

or visit