Saturday, 23 December 2006

Blueskin Bay history book to launch soon

Blueskin days: a history of Waitati, Evansdale, Warrington and surrounding districts, by Ian Church with Stuart and Jean Strachan will be published by mid-February 2007. This is the first major history of the Blueskin area since the 1950s. Blueskin Days, draws extensively on previous untapped archives material and on the stories and reminiscences of those with a long connection to the area, as well previously published sources. It offers a comprehensive view of life in and around Blueskin Bay, beginning with the Maori of pre-European times and continuing right up to the present day.

The book has about 360 pages and over 160 pictures. Blueskin Bay Library will be selling it for $40. Contact Louise Sherriff at the Blueskin Bay Library on 482 2444 or email:

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